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Gas-fired boiler

Central Heating Faults


       We offer a full range of central heating breakdown                                         services. This includes radiators, heating controls and boiler system         faults.


  • Central Heating.  Faults include issues with the  distribution of heat; i.e. radiators  not getting hot.

  • Boiler Faults.  These may include faulty component parts within the boiler itself which could cause total or intermittent loss of heating.

  • Electrical Controls.  Room thermostats, cylinder stats and programmers, all of which can either be wired or wireless, and may develop a fault, resulting in loss of heating. ​

  • Gas.  Gas leaks are far more common than we would like to think. In the event of such an occurrence, and after calling the relevant emergency services, we are on hand to rectify the cause of any leaks and re-establish your gas supply. 

We are always ready to advise on heating energy efficiency. 


Our aim is to make sure that you are confident that your fault is fully rectified.


£79.99 - For the first hour. £50 p/h thereafter. 

* Parts are not included

For your peace of mind

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